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An introduction

Since the mid-seventies, our multi-disciplinary team, headed by Gérard CHEVALIER, develops strategic concepts, including information systems and implementing corresponding structures. At first, CYBEL has mainly developed knowledge databases and EIS for use by managing directors, such as Aerospatiale, ASF, ELF, Paribas.
Since 1985, CYBEL has developed the first strategic management software, widely used in economic sectors such as electricity, wood, mechanical or food industries.

In 1990, CYBEL developed multimedia, educational, technological surveys knowledge databases, e.g. for the Ministry of Finance, Amocco, Elf.
More recently, the group has diversified its services, towards knowledge management for Aerospatiale, Department of Trade and Industry, PSA, MSD.

In addition to knowledge management, our Cybelworld off- and on-line publishing issues offer many professional titles and a catalogue of professional and large public CD-ROMs.

Cybelway, our Web site, allows knowledge distribution on the Net (aircraft technology, etc), expert consultancy, CD-ROMs, and on-line subscriptions to magazines, etc.

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Key competencies

Any concept developed by CYBEL includes strategic analysis aspects, information systems and adequate organization settlement.
We offer our clients an original approach to technologies, activities and competencies positioning active learning.


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Information systems

We implement information systems focused on operations flexibility, quick decision-making and market proximity (customized educational environments, electronic commerce,...).

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Cybelway on-line knowledge source

CYBEL’s knowledge databases are also available on line.

Cybelway publishes technological tools concerning corporate strategy and the five resources management.

Cybelway is dedicated to major organizations as well as SMI networks or isolated companies.

Cybelway is an electronic commerce gallery providing information for use by managers.

On Cybelway, one can find and buy knowledge (about finance, safety, health, logistics, aeronautics, new materials), expert consultancy, books and CD-ROMs

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Some references

AAAF (Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics of France)
Agaps (Association of Health Professions)
AIDA (Aid to the Defense Industry)

ASF (Highways of the South of France)
BFCE (French Bank of Foreign Commerce)
CCIP (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris)
CDC (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Group)
Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées
Corse Composites
DGCCRF (Direction Générale Concurrence et la Répression des Fraudes)
DRTFP (Ministry of Labor)
Direction des Routes / Ministère de l'Equipement
Engins stratégiques et spatiaux (Satellites, Ariane ...)
Escota (Autoroutes Esterel Côte d'Azur)
FRAMATOME (nuclear energy)
Groupe EDF
Groupe France Telecom
Groupe Bongrain
Groupe Breguet
Groupe Pinault (Rexel, CDME)
Groupe PSA
IAP (Astrophysics Institute of Paris)
IAS (Institute of Spatial Astrophysics)
Ministry of the Environment 
Department of Industry
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Health
MSD AGVET (Merck Sharp & Dohme )
Unifa, Codifa
Over one hundred SMIs (furniture industry, mechanics, building, industry, High Tech...)